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Dye Sublimation Print Backlit Lightbox Fabric

Dye Sublimation Print Backlit Lightbox Fabric

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Printing types:Direct printing or heat paper transfer

Model Number





Paper Sublimation backlit fabric


up to 126”



Roll length

about 100M


100% polyester



Knitted Type




Our company mainly making base fabric and finished fabric of digital direct printing fabrics.Our product have very high quality,in the leading level all around the world.We also do special functional fabric Fire-retardant fabric,pass German DIN4102 and USA NFPA 701 has been test successfully by renowned company SGS and TUV,and which do the width reach to 320cm.


The light box cloth is divided into an inner light box cloth and an outer light box cloth, which are respectively called an inner light cloth and an outer light cloth.

The surface of the inner light cloth is blue, which is a type of inkjet cloth specially used for making light boxes. Its light transmittance is higher than that of ordinary inkjet cloth but it cannot be spliced because the stitching of the stitching will be clear after lighting.

The surface of the outer cloth is yellow and has excellent light blocking ability. The outer lighting cloth is fast drying, two sides can print and print different images, and the outer light cloth has good air permeability, high strength and light weight, excellent inkjet performance, stable ink absorption, rapid drying and strong color expression.

Light box cloth: mainly used in advertising light boxes, banners, large posters, construction site perimeter wall sets, large T-shaped billboards. The light box cloth is painted with oily ink, which is not easy to fade after rain and sun exposure, and it is also the biggest characteristic that distinguishes it from indoor photo advertising materials. The light box cloth has strong tensile strength, stable chemical composition and is not easily deformed, and can be used for outdoor advertising for a long time.

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