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Triple Flag Fabric

we supply Triple flag fabric banner pop up display high quality with confidence in textiles 6 years .

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Product Details

Product introduction this product can used for foreground display cloth

Product parameters:


This is also a banner cloth, but due to its special material, it is suitable for dyeing. If you want to dye beautiful colors, then it will be your first choice.

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Related corroboration (certificate):

REACH certificate.pdf

B1 certificate .pdf


FAQ: FAQ of the Triple flag fabric

1. What are your main products?

We mainly do fabrics.

2. Is your banner cloth waterproof and how long can it be kept outdoors?

Our banner cloth has a certain degree of waterproofness, and it is okay to put it outdoors for 2-3 months.

3. Your light box cloth flame retardant it?

Yes, we have a special flame-retardant light box cloth with a flame retardant rating of Germany B1.

4.  Can your fabric use a UV machine?

 In general, it is best not to use UV machines because the effect of UV machines is not as good as sublimation, and the colors are not so bright.

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