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Mesh Flag Fabric

we supply Mesh flag fabric banner pop up display high quality with confidence in textiles 6 years . Product introduction : this product can used for foreground display cloth Product parameters: Product features and applications: A very typical mesh banner cloth,...

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Product Details


Product features and applications:

A very typical mesh banner cloth, according to the customer's preference, can be made specifically

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Related corroboration (certificate):

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B1 certificate .pdf


FAQ of the Triple flag fabric

1. If you want to be a finished product, can you do it?

We only make raw materials. If we want finished products, we can outsource, but the cost may be a bit higher. So, if you are the best, or you buy a good material, do it at the processing factory.

2.The price is not a problem. I value the quality of this piece. Do you have quality assurance?

Yes, we check the goods on a regular basis. Bad goods will be disposed of in advance, and before each release, we will check the quality of the goods again to ensure that each shipment meets your standards.

3. Do you generally delivery by sea?

Yes, we usually shipping by sea. According to the FOB, unless you have special requirements and the cargo is very urgent, you can load by air, but the price of air transportation is very expensive.

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