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What Is A Light Box Cloth
- Aug 27, 2018 -

What is a light box cloth

Light box cloth printing cloth, with the slow development of technology, has gradually developed into two categories. Ordinary light box cloth (that is, usually referred to as light box cloth) and reflective light box cloth (ie, crystal color grid)

Reflective printing cloth, also known as crystal color grid, is a new type of reflective advertising material that can be directly printed and written.

The characteristics of this material are:

First, the super strong reflection intensity: his reflection technology is based on the world's most advanced micro-lattice total reflection technology reflective material, with super strong reflection intensity, the typical reflective intensity can reach 300cd / lx / m2.

Second, it can be directly printed: its surface layer is PVC polymer material, which has strong ink absorption and can be directly printed.

Third, easy to use: the substrate type has mesh cloth and PVC self-adhesive type, the base layer of the mesh has a strong tensile strength, can be used like ordinary mesh cloth, direct inkjet, direct tension installation; The PVC self-adhesive type can be directly applied to any smooth fabric.

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