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What Are The Benefits Of Banner Cloth Compared To Pvc?
- Jul 14, 2018 -

What are the benefits of banner cloth compared to pvc?

First: environmental protection

      The current traditional craft is an advertisement made by printing a pvc light box cloth. The material of pvc is polyethylene and the same compound as plastic. It has been difficult to break down for hundreds of years and even thousands of years. The digital direct spray cloth is still a light box, because the banner material is polyester, chemical fiber, environmentally friendly, like a cloth bag is this material, buried in the ground is easy to break down, cut without pollution.

      Second: ductility, good flexibility, feel good.

      The finished product of pvc material is relatively hard, and it is easy to wrinkle during handling or installation, and it is difficult to fold the printed matter. The finished product of the digital direct-spraying cloth can be very soft, convenient when it is installed, and can be removed after pulling and pulling.

      Third: the side effect is particularly significant.

      The side of the pvc material will be more reflective, and the fabric is woven with fiber, effective diffuse reflection, greatly reducing the impact of glare on the effect of advertising.

      Fourth: Safety is also the trend of public facilities.

Nowadays, a large number of products using pvc materials are advertised, which will be a big safety issue in the future, because pvc materials are very flammable. Regardless of environmental issues, the safety of public places such as clubs and other large places and railway stations is very important. The fire is sometimes caused by the conduction and ignition of these pvc materials. It has a great impact on security.

      The advertisement of the material of the digital direct-spray banner cloth can avoid this, because the banner cloth can now be processed and processed, and flame retardant is added.

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