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Weft Knitted Fabric Structure
- May 07, 2018 -

1, basic organization

(1) Flat-needle organization: The front side of the flat-needle tissue consists of a coil of coils, and the reverse side consists of a coil of coils. The tissue consists of the same coil of uniform size, ie weft-spun single-sided tissue, ie daily Said Hanbu.

(2) Rib structure: It consists of alternately arranged longitudinal and longitudinal coils. Due to the different numbers of wales arranged on the front and back sides, ribs with different appearance styles and performances are formed. Such as 1 1,2 2,3 2 and so on. Cotton wool (double ribbed): A complementary rib structure is arranged between the wales of a rib, and both sides of the fabric are the front side of the fabric.

(3) Double-sided structure: It is formed by alternating rows of front and back coils. Due to the elasticity of the yarn, the coil is tilted in the longitudinal direction, causing the fabric to shrink, so that the arc of the circle protrudes on the surface of the fabric, and thus has a reversed appearance.