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- May 07, 2018 -

Paint hand-painted cards are completely manual operations, with many human factors, plus the performance limitations of the paint itself, the screen looks stiff, rough, not beautiful, the quality can not be guaranteed. Compared with this, screen printing has made great progress, but due to the process involved in plate making and other processes, the cost is too high for small batches, and the technology remains unacceptable at large-format printing, and it is difficult to guarantee uniform and accurate colors when backlit.

With the introduction of computer technology, the situation has greatly improved. Computer color inkjet printers make full use of the advantages of electronics, control, and chemical industries, making traditional production methods incomparable, colorful, long shelf life, free from limitations of format and batch, diversification of production methods, low cost, production Short cycle. So inkjet printers have been popular all over the country for only a few years.