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Fabric Origin
- May 07, 2018 -

Humans and some animals, insects and birds have long been able to intertwine and entangle with small lines, and they are stacked together to form a larger piece of material that can be used to shape and function. The initial spinning and orderly weaving started about 6,000 years ago: people started to use shuttles to spin longer yarns and weaving into woven fabrics; they were wound with traction yarns such as rods, hooks, and needles. Knitted fabrics are knitted; felts are made from animal skins using alkaline substances to make non-woven felts.

After long-term hands-on workshop-style production practices, exploration and improvement, the functional efficiency of weaving tools continues to increase, the selection and processing of textile raw materials is gradually refined, and the organizational structure continues to innovate. The rapid development and industrialization of the textile industry are completed in the last 100 years with the development of modern industries such as new materials, machinery manufacturing, and electromechanical power control. Today weaving tools, textile raw materials, and organizational structures continue to develop in the direction of new technologies and high technologies.