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Circle Organization
- May 07, 2018 -

(1) Unit tuck organization: The trapping unit is used to form the concave-convex pinhole effect.

(2) Double-sided tucking organization: It is made by woven laps on the basis of rib structure and double ribbed structure. There is a semi-acupuncture organization with a single-needle, single-row tuck, and the other with a flat-needle coil forming organization, ie, a beaded mesh organization; both sides of the ankle organization are single-needle, single-row tucking or wickerwork.

Plate yarn organization:

(3) All coil plating organization: All the coils in the fabric are formed by overlapping two coils. One side of the fabric is displayed by one kind of yarn, and the other side is shown by another kind of yarn.

(4) Partial coil plating organization:

The embroidered plating yarn is formed by arranging the yarns of the same color or different colors with the ground structure on the partial coils of the fabric and arranging them into a certain pattern.

The floating thread plating is based on the flat needle structure, the density of the yarn in the tissue is small, the density of the surface yarn is large, and the ground yarn and the veil are woven together to form a tight plating coil.