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What material does the banner use?
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Banner making materials are usually dominated by pongee and warp knitted fabrics.

Chun Yafang also known as polyester fabric or banner cloth, flag cloth, is mainly used to provide the production of national flags, corporate flags and advertising flags, etc., is currently the most commonly used banner production materials.

1) Advantages: Due to the use of sublimation ink, no pungent odor, good double penetration effect, high ink permeability, both sides can be printed, and the same printing effect, the maximum available size is 3.2m wide.

2) Disadvantages: Due to the influence of the setting temperature, when the picture is heated and sublimated, there will be 1-3% shrinkage;

3) The scope of application of Chun Yafang mainly includes: corporate flags, advertising flags, national flags, etc.

Warp-knitted fabrics are different from Chun Yafang. Warp-knitted fabrics are double-knitted fabrics or wind-proof fabrics. They are specially used for making advertising banners; this material has good ventilation performance, and windy areas often use warp-knitted fabrics. To create advertising banner or corporate banner. The warp-knitting cloth is mainly used for: printing of water-injected flags and knife flags. This kind of cloth will not be drawn or will not be off-line. It is the first choice for making long-term outdoor advertising banners.