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What is the sublimation digital banner cloth
- Jul 14, 2018 -

What is the sublimation digital banner cloth

It is to make low-energy and easy-sublimation disperse dyes into digital printing inks, which can be printed on special chemical fiber cloth by digital direct injection machine. By heating, the images can be made into delicate chemical fiber fabrics and materials in the shortest time. Ideal for personalized market needs and environmental requirements. This absorbs the fixed aqueous sublimation ink and transfers the ink from the side of the fabric to the other side.

Most of the sublimation inks used by the disperse dyes prepared by disperse dyes for textiles have a wide range of applications in textile printing and dyeing due to their saturated color and good weather resistance. The color spectrum is bright and the coloring strength is good. Color fastness, water washing degree of 4.5 or more. Compared to the traditional way of transferring paper, direct printing fabrics provide a higher quality picture and a sharper edge effect. ,

No need to use transfer paper, reducing the impact on the environment. Increase the convenience of operation and avoid errors caused by the movement, folding and twisting of the transfer paper.

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