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The fabric of the five-star red flag is dip?
- Aug 19, 2018 -

The fabric of the five-star red flag is Chun Yafang fabric. The most common varieties are semi-elastic Chun Yafang, Quanjuan Chun Yafang, and matt Chun Yafang.

Chun Yafang fabric is a long-established old variety, but in recent years, the textile industry in Shengze has revised its products. In addition to the use of matting silk raw materials and weaving process innovation, the dyeing and finishing process is still extended. Increase, the hand feels softer and the function is more extended. Waterproof and windproof fabric, quality assurance. Material: 100% pure polyester. Yarn 100D×100D full low elastic yarn. High temperature disperse dye printing process: the color of the front and back of the cloth is the same, no obvious color difference.

Our History

Haining Lofty Xuan Banner Textile Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality fabrics for dye sublimation printing over 6 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in this line in China.


Today Haining Lofty Xuan Banner Textile Co., Ltd has been on of the top producers of quality coating fabrics for digital printing which includes the flag fabric, backlit fabric, frontlit fabric, display fabric, stretch fabric, roll up fabric, curtain fabric, double-sided printing fabric etc. The fabrics are applied to heat transfer sublimation printing, direct sublimation printing, UV printing, Latex printing.


The maximum width is 320cm/126 inch, and fire retardant is German DIN4102 B1 standard also NFPA 701 USA standard. The fabrics are eco-friendly recycle and more suitable for the indoor application.