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Main features of domestic sublimation flag machine
- Feb 09, 2019 -

It can produce double-transparent flags, high-definition color banners, cloth prints, personalized patterns, etc., batch, personalized, and multi-variety production, no need to limit. Audley banner machine manufacturers, print images are vivid and realistic, have a strong sense of color layering, the fabric is printed after the machine is bright, the double penetration effect is good, and there is no color difference on both sides.

1. The width of the banner machine is optional: the printing width is 1.8 meters;

2, the banner machine expansion design: optional expansion function, continuous printing is not easy to wrinkle;

3, the flag machine can print: can print banners and other fabrics, can also print sublimation paper, has a unique design of the paper;

4, the flag machine high-precision printing: Japan's original Epson seventh generation, ten generations of print nozzles, longer life than the fifth generation of nozzles, printing speed increased by more than 20%;

5, the flag machine heavy structure: the machine is more stable when the machine is working continuou;

6, the flag machine cost-effective, investment zero risk: investment only tens of thousands of dollars, can produce a variety of flag fabrics and other digital printing, wide use, high profits, welcome to visit.

7. The flag machine can directly print a variety of materials such as double-transparent bunting (chun Yafang), satin, silver-carved cloth (satin cloth), mesh cloth, etc., sublimation ink printing, outdoor does not fade.

The key advantage of the Sublimation Banner Machine compared with imported machines and other domestic direct-injection banner machines, the Sublimation Banner Machine is more professional, and it is your one-step choice product introduction:

1. It is an oversized banner machine with a print width: a machine with a print size of 6 meters to 1 meter, and other machines can only print widths of up to 1.6 meters;

2. Advanced thermal color development technology

3, the anti-wrinkle function on the cloth

4, automatic synchronization and winding function

5, easy to operate control interface

6, advanced temperature control system

7, speed adjustable function

8, Audley flag machine uses Epson ten generation nozzle, Konica nozzle, high precision, fast

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