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How to distinguish cloth products from inkjet or thermal sublimation
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Printing, most of the current refers to the advertising industry's process! Such as outdoor advertising, car stickers and so on. At present, many advertisements in the market have begun to use fabrics to achieve! There are two types of fabrics for inkjet printing. One is solvent printing. This type of oil-based ink is printed out! Most of them are some non-woven fabrics, relatively smooth fabrics, and relatively inexpensive fabrics. The second effect is not particularly good, and the requirements are not high! Another type of inkjet is sublimation direct injection. Banner fabrics in the advertising industry are all such processes! The most obvious is the infiltration effect, which can be seen on both sides!

The last is sublimation transfer printing, this type of printing transfer paper is sublimation transfer printing! Basically the color of the fabric is on the surface! The colors are bright and there is not much smell!