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How should the banner cloth be cut to the side?
- Aug 19, 2018 -

The electric knife with special chemical fabric polyester fabric such as flag cloth, Chun Yafang, warp knitting, satin and satin. By heating the cloth at a high temperature while ironing, there will be no burrs.

There is a kind of flower cut that is specially used to cut the sample. It is a kind of scissors that is cut out to be a toothed edge, not a straight line. The dentate edges are not detached, burrs.

First carefully cut the cloth, then carefully touch the cloth with a small circle of white glue, do not paint too much, and then wait for it to dry, just fine. Do not use other glue. After the other glue is dry, it will be hard, and the white glue will not be hard.

If it is handled, if the fabric is small, you can use the sewing machine and have the function of a horse. If it doesn't work, use a lighter, but be careful.

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