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Fabric characteristics
- May 07, 2018 -

Physical Property: [6] Density, yarn count, gram weight, yarn twist, yarn strength, fabric structure, fabric thickness, loop length, fabric cover factor, fabric shrinkage or shrinkage, and skew , tensile strength, tear strength, seam slip, seam strength, adhesive strength, single yarn strength, yarn strength per unit of thread, anti-hook, crease recovery angle test, stiffness test, water repellency Test, leak-proof, elasticity and recovery force, breathability, water vapor permeability, general clothing burning, children's evening wear combustibility, burst burst strength, abrasion resistance test, anti-pilling, pilling, etc.

Colorfastness: Color fastness to soaping, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to chlorine and water, color fastness to non-chlorine bleach, color fastness to dry cleaning, color fastness to actual cleaning (clothing, Fabric), perspiration fastness, water fastness, light fastness, sea water fastness, saliva fastness

Dimensional Stability: Washing Machine Size Stability, Hand Wash Size Stability, Dry Cleaning Dimensional Stability, Steam Dimensional Stability

Appearance After Wesh: Washing machine appearance stability, hand wash appearance stability, dry cleaning appearance stability

Chemical Analysis (Chemical Analysis): PH content, formaldehyde content, lead content, azo dye test, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, odor, mercerizing effect of cotton, hot pressing, dry heat, storage sublimation, Acid spots, alkali spots, water spots, phenolic yellowing, etc.

Fiber Content Analysis: Cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), silk, polyester, viscose, spandex, nylon, cashmere, etc.