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1. Q:What kind of machine did your product use?

    A:Hello, our product is made by sublimation direct injection machine.


2.Q:Where is your company's address?

  A:Our address is in Haining, Zhejiang.


3.Q:What are your main products?

  A:We mainly do fabrics.


4. Q:What are the main products of your company?

    A:Light box cloth, display cloth, banner cloth, blackout cloth, etc.


5. Q:What is the price of your company's light box cloth?

    A:The price is generally determined based on your order quantity. We can negotiate with the specific price.


6. Q:Your display cloth can be a few meters long, because I want to use the show now. Want to be bigger?

   A:At present, the length can be extended indefinitely, with a maximum width of 3.2 meters


7.Q:Can your banner cloth be placed outdoors?

  A:of course


8.Q:Is your banner cloth waterproof and how long can it be kept outdoors?

   A:Our banner cloth has a certain degree of waterproofness, and it is okay to put it outdoors for 2-3 months.


9.Q:Your light box cloth flame retardant it?

   A:Yes, we have a special flame-retardant light box cloth with a flame retardant rating of Germany B1.


10.Q: Can your fabric use a UV machine?

    A:In general, it is best not to use UV machines because the effect of UV machines is not as good as sublimation, and the colors are not so bright.


11.Q: If you want to be a finished product, can you do it?

     A:We only make raw materials. If we want finished products, we can outsource, but the cost may be a bit higher. So, if you are the best, or you buy a good material, do it at the processing factory.


12.Q:The price is not a problem. I value the quality of this piece. Do you have quality assurance?

     A:Yes, we check the goods on a regular basis. Bad goods will be disposed of in advance, and before each release, we will check the quality of the goods again to ensure that each shipment meets your standards.


13.Q:Do you generally take the sea?

    A:Yes, we usually go by sea. According to the FOB, unless you have special requirements and the cargo is very urgent, you can go by air, but the price of air transportation is very expensive.


14.Q:Are your products in the catalog?

     A:No, our sample books provide the main products. There are also some special materials. We can customize them according to your requirements. However, since there is no spot, the large quantity may lead to longer periods


15.Q:.Why is your company's light box cloth more expensive than other stores?

   A:Different companies, the production process is not the same, may be one or two less in the process, then the cost will be very different, you can compare our products with other companies' products, you will find our products The advantage lies.


16.Q: What is the MOQ of your product?

    A:The general MOQ is 1000 square meters.


17. Q:Before we cooperate, I would like to see if your factory can?

     A:Of course, you can set a good time with our salesman. After you arrive in Haining, our salesman will receive you and will be accompanied by you all the time, so that you can understand everything you want to know in the shortest possible time.


18.Q:Does shading cloth have good shading performance?

     A:Our products are completed with quality and quantity, and the shading performance is very good. If you need, I can send a sample cloth. You can first look at whether you can reach your standard and then decide.


19.Q: I want finished light box cloth, can you give me?

     A:Sorry, we just do raw materials, but we can recommend the processing factory to you, where our raw materials can be processed into the finished products you want.


20.Q: Sublimation direct injection and transfer What is the difference?

    A:The transfer process adds a process, it needs to make a layer, and then transfer it up. The others are similar, with little difference.


21. Q:Can Yilabao products be done by you?

     A:Sorry, we don't make finished products. We only do fabrics. However, if you need it, we can recommend it to you.


22. Q:Are there stretchy fabrics here? Can you send me a look?

    A:Yes, we have four-faced and two-faced ammunition. The elasticity is also about the size. How resilient are you? I can prepare you a sample here. You can see if it meets your standards.


23. Q:I am in urgent need of a banner that was set in your company here. Do you have any stock?

 Yes, how much do you need this time, we can ship here immediately.


24. Q:The goods I took last time, most of them are good, there are one or two rolls of cloth, how to deal with black spots?

    A:I'm sorry, but it may be that we were neglected during the inspection. Well, let's add two more volumes to you. The freight is ours and we're sorry.


25.Q: What is the difference between sublimation ink and ordinary ink?

      A:Sublimation ink is a special type of water-based ink, it is more resistant to high temperatures, no pungent odor, and the colors printed on it are very bright, more like the color of the ink itself.


26.Q: I want to understand your company's products so that in the future cooperation, can send a brochure to me?

     A:Of course, what type of product do you need? We can send you sample books and samples.